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A Slice of the North


A Slice of the North is conceived and created by Wendy Stanwick. Using the natural materials found in and around the tiny town of Matachewan, Ontario, Wendy has created a unique, made in Canada-of Canada mini work of Art. The local prospectors and miners provide her with the raw materials – diamond drilled core samples (cylinders of rock analyzed to determine an area’ʼs mineral make up) that ultimately become the jewellery for A Slice of the North.

All slices must come from the circle. Using these basic slices Wendy creates various themed lines of jewellery. She makes sure to leave at least one rounded edge to remind us of the optimistic and hardworking prospector who brought this beauty from underground to the surface. Their hopes and dreams are honored when we recognize the beauty of the Canadian Shield.

Wendy spent 30 years working with clay and wood before discovering stone. She moved to Northern Ontario from Calgary in 2002 and soon became fascinated by the area rocks. Her father had been cutting cores for checkers for his friends when Wendy found a beautiful green core on his bookcase and asked if thin slices could be done.

A Slice of the North was born.

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