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One Little Elf

I have been elfing for most of my life. My name, Nissa, even means “little elf” which is in part how the verb “elfing” has become part of my family’s everyday vocabulary. I have an affinity for nature, for DIY projects of all sorts and I find joy in creating things. I am known in my circles of friends as being someone who will try her hand at creating just about anything, from gardening projects to furniture to sewing projects.

I have a strong relationship with my family and got my self-sufficient nature from my mother. She started a small side business of making felted soaps a few years ago, but as her felted scarves became her focus, she trained me to make the soaps. She passed that portion of her craft onto me and I have quickly made it my own both in adapting the process of making and the look of the soaps and in acquiring new customers across the lower mainland. The felted soaps are now just a part of a wool-based line that I am slowly but surely expanding. Although it takes a lot of failures to find something that works well, the joy I find crafting through it all makes the task seem like a treat.

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