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Julie Sinden Button Cloche Hat


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Soft and luxurious 100% merino wool hat that is first knit large and then felted (or shrunk), creating a seamless, durable and incredibly warm winter hat – the warmest hat you’ll ever own! Buttons may be different from shown. While most winter hats sacrifice fashion for function or vice versa, our hats are classically stylish yet incredibly warm. They can be worn as easily to a nice dinner out as they can on the toboggan hill. The hat has a 1920’s cloche shape that lends it a vintage modern feel, and means that it covers the ears nice and snugly.  

The brim of the hat is split in one place, flipped up and held in place with two buttons, giving it a great shape that frames the face beautifully.  This is our best style if you have glasses or short hair, as the asymmetry of the brim plays against the straightness of the glasses, and a bit of your hair peaks out if it’s shorter. (BUTTONS MAY VARY FROM WHAT IS SHOWN)

The merino wool we use is wonderfully soft, giving you all the benefits of wool without any scratch. The hat is warm yet breathable, does great in wet and damp weather (water beads up on the surface because of the thickness of the felt and the natural lanolin oils in the wool), and requires little washing (again because the natural oils in the wool repel dirt).

One size fits most. Hand wash in cold water, lay flat to dry.



Burgundy, Green, Winter white


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