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Rocky Mountain Bar Soap – Shampoo Bar


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Our all natural Shampoo Bar is the solid shampoo you’ve been looking for. It is great for when you are traveling, want a hydrated head of hair or your everyday. It is a sudsy, luxurious lather in a bar.

So, keep calm and lather up with this specially formulated unisex natural shampoo bar. Rosemary oil increases circulation to the scalp, while castor oil leaves your hair feeling smooth and soft. This SLS free shampoo bar soap is perfect for taking on vacation, as it can be used as both shampoo and body soap.

For best results, wet hair and rub the bar on your hair until it lathers. Work the lather with your fingers before immediately rinsing hair. Get your scrub on to ensure all the shampoo is rinsed out. Repeat if necessary.

Best for: Short Hair or Thick Hair

Made with: Rosemary leaf oil, castor oil & fair trade, organic shea butter.


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