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Wanda Shum Chopsticks


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Fun and colourful chopsticks created by British Columbian artist, Wanda Shum. She expertly embellishes the ends of metal chopsticks using the millefiori technique in polymer clay.  ‘Millefiori’ – a ‘thousand flower’ in Italian is a term borrowed from the Venetian glassmaking technique. The artist stacks different coloured clays into a ‘cane’ or roll, so that when cut into slices, the picture or pattern runs right through the entire cane. These intricate patterns are then affixed to the ends of stainless steel chopsticks, creating a unique one-of-a-kind design that personalizes your own utensils.


The metal ends are easily washed with soapy water after use, allowing these chopsticks to be used and reused time and again.


Sushi….courtesy of “Roll Roll” in Wortley Village…best in town!…even better when eaten with Wanda’s chopsticks!!


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