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Wild Prairie Hand & Body LOTION – Mango Kiss


Mango Kiss Hand & Body Lotion is like a tropical treat for dry skin! Made with pure shea butter, sweet almond oil and olive oil, we guarantee that it will soothe and hydrate dry skin anywhere on the body. As our longest-selling hand & body lotion, Mango Kiss has always been a top favourite with customers; its light, fruity scent and natural ingredients make it irresistible. Apply while listening to full-beat calypso music for most rewarding results!

What’s so great about shea butter? Shea is derived from the nut of the African Karite tree and has been used in its rawest form for hundreds of years for a variety of skin ailments. Often recommended for people who suffer from eczema and psoriasis, shea butter’s regenerative and protective qualities make it a favourable ingredient to help combat sunburn, stretch marks, and fine lines in the skin. Shea butter also has proven anti-inflammatory properties.

What so great about sweet almond oil? This light, highly absorbent carrier oil is high in Vitamin E, is a powerful skin protector. Unlike petroleum-based products which do not contain any essential vitamins necessary for proper skin function, we choose sweet almond for it’s deeply hydrating and skin-loving properties.

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