Iris Rogers Melamed

Ottawa, ON

In 2019, two companies in Rhode Island, USA that manufactured fancy wire and metal sheet, closed their doors for the last time. One of these companies had been in business since 1861, the other since 1929. both supplied the Canadian and American jewellery industry with patterned wire and sheet in gold, silver and base metals. However, as technology changed and manufacturing left America, they were unable to compete with foreign markets, and their equipment and tools became scrap.


Luckily, two people recognized the importance of saving the master hubs from these compnaies. The master hub is the original tool steel carving that was used to make the working dies to mass produce a piece of jewellery. These master hubs, each a little work of art, were hand carved by master European and American craftsman in the 19th and 20th centuries.


These copper cuffs are produced from the original hand carved designs. when you wear one of these cuffs, you will know that you are not only wearing a beautiful piece of jewellery, but also a unique piece of handcrafted jewellery history.

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