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Cynthia DM

My practice is a combination of printmaking, drawing and sewing. After finishing a degree in printmaking and textile art, I developed a product that links these techniques into a utilitarian object. Eight years later, I now offer a solid line of unique handbags.

My work is the result of the appropriation of old botanical illustrations combined with a vast choice of bold colored fabrics (new and re-used). It is similar to traditional work of quilt making and, inversely, contemporary collages. The creation of each bag is like a creative challenge where I work out a harmonious union of textures, shapes, images and functionality. Essentially, I create “one of a kind” practical objects in order to bring art to the everyday.

My bags are both casual and chic made from heavy-duty nylon yet decorated with delicate silk-screens, embroidery, linen and silk. My practice in arts and crafts, allows me to explore the materiality of fabrics and the formal language of images combined with gestural work of decorative stitching compositions. I take enormous pleasure in making each product and could not imagine a more enjoyable occupation.

We do not currently have any Cynthia DM products for sale on our website. Please visit us in-store for more products.

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