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The label was created by Mélissa Bolduc in 2007 in Montreal. Melow has been able to retain its customers, which has given it strong growth and ensured an undeniable reputation. Her clothes, inspired and designed for women of different sizes and body types, stylishly dress her clients from XS to XXL.

Melow’s creations are both sophisticated and relaxed. Their ingenious design is designed to benefit and adjust easily, regardless of the silhouette. The clean and flowing lines as well as the structured cuts and pleats give the outfits comfort and elegance. The choice of quality material, flexible and textured, enhances his creations and improves freedom of movement. The Melow collections are proudly created and made in Canada, and fabrics here are preferred whenever possible.

The Melow team has always been committed to encouraging sustainable development and works daily to minimize the impact of its activity on the planet. To do so, several concrete actions are taken both in terms of the clothing industry and the travel necessary for production. We pay particular attention to the choice of our fabrics, many of them being organic and / or made in Canada. We always favor natural fibers over synthetic fibers as evidenced by our many 100% natural fabrics. All of our production is made in Quebec, which considerably reduces our ecological footprint and encourages the local economy. In addition, each season we carry out a sale of fabrics in order to minimize our losses. Finally, since 2018, the Melow workshop has invested more in going green by purchasing an electric car used for all of the team’s trips.

Contact Curiosities You can no longer purchase online. If you see something you like and would either like more information or would like to purchase please give us a call at 519-432-0434 or use the Contact form, thanks!

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