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You may know the look of the puffin: a brightly-coloured beak, red markings around the eyes, and those beautiful orange legs. You’ll find these designs reflected at Curiosities with Puffin Gear! We carry a full line of Puffin Gear hats and accessories for infants, children and adults. All Puffin Gear apparel is carefully made in the family’s Scarborough studio using beautiful, functional fabrics. Their mascot, the Atlantic Puffin, reflects the company’s commitment to designing durable accessories that exude a lot of flair!
It began more than 20 years ago with a cart at the famous St. Lawrence Market. The family behind Puffin Gear loved to hike, ski, canoe, and have all sorts of outdoor adventures. However, they felt a lot of frustration looking for functional, comfortable clothing that also had some modern style. Matriarch Heather combined her love of fabric and sewing with her engineering background to make a line of stylish, durable outdoor wear. Now, you’ll find the Puffin Gear line of apparel is very much like the namesake: able to withstand exposure to a variety of harsh conditions while still standing out!

We do not currently have any Puffin Gear products for sale on our website. Please visit us in-store for more products.

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