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According to Truth Belts, fashion doesn’t have to be cruel to be cool. Good, stylish, leather-free belts can be difficult to find, but with Truth Belts, we’ve made it a lot easier to find this ethical accessory! Starting as a one-person operation in an apartment in downtown Toronto, Truth makes belts out of what we like to call “Genuine Non-Leather.” Now, all Truth Belts have a stamp of “leather-look” authenticity on the back! Even as the company expanded, Truth has chosen to keep the production of all our belts in Canada using only animal-friendly materials.
The founder of Truth Belts holds that leather is the by-product of not cruelty, not just to the animal but also to the planet.
“Over the years, as my approach to design has developed, my personal interests and lifestyle choices have also evolved – more and more, they aligned with and reinforce the innate philosophy of Truth. I strongly believe as a business owner, I can make choices that make a difference to our planet.Mother nature needs our help right now. Nature is here to support humans and it seems like all we have done is abuse and exploit her to fulfill our own selfish desires. Us humans are currently behaving in a way no animal would ever treat their herd, flock, pod or swarm. We have forgotten we are part of nature. That’s why I choose to have my products made in Canada and to use animal friendly materials.”

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