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Raiz Macrame – Earrings / Calypso


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Statement brass beaded hoop earrings with a colorful yet subtle fiber detail made one knot at a time by micro macrame technique. At once simple and original, these hoops will add just the perfect touch to any outfit.

Made with high quality waxed polyester string for stiffness and durability of the fiber detail. No fading, no fraying.

The body of the earrings (and the beads) are made of solid brass. Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper that is naturally nickel free. Since brass is not a plated metal, it ages gracefully, developing a patina over time (its gold tone will get richer) which can easily be cleaned off or polished away with a silver cleaning cloth.
As a reminder, take care to remove your jewelry before taking a shower or a swim and put them on once your done your beauty ritual to avoid contact with sprays and body lotions.

° C a l y p s o ° hoops are 4 cm in diameter


Black, Blush, Burgundy, Coral, Emerald, Grey, Mauve, Navy, Sage, Sunflower, Teal, Terra Cotta, Turquoise

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