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Loves Pure Light Luxury Scarves – New Honeycombs


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The scarf has beautiful pops of colour within the bees. The background is shades of black and grey.  Original artwork by Loves Pure Light. This large scarf is 140cm x 180cm. 30% silk, 70% modal.

To launder your Love’s Pure Light Luxury shawl, dissolve Woolite (soap for delicate, fine washable fabrics) in cold water. Gently swish the Love’s Pure Light luxury shawl in the sudsy cold water. **It is not recommended to wash the scarf with clothing or other items** 
Handling the scarf as gently as you can, remove the garment from the soapy water and rinse the soap out with cold fresh water to remove all soap residue. Two rinses will accomplish this. 
(The simplicity of silk is ease to wash and durability!) 
Dry naturally, and flat if possible but never dry the scarf with direct heat. Press the shawl when slightly damp or even when completely dry. A medium hot iron will smooth the wrinkles and allow the halo of Love’s Pure Light shawl to embellish your garments as a favored and enhanced accessory.

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