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Raiz Macrame – Necklace / Rio


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Circle brass hoop pendant necklace with a modern colourful fiber detail made by micro macrame technique one tiny knot at a time. 

Chain length / 30″ 
Hoop diameter is 1.5 inch (4 cm)

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc that is NICKEL FREE.
Like most metals and silver, brass will naturally oxidize over time ~its gold tone will darken. This is a natural process that is easy to reverse. To maintain the new shining bright look of brass, a little squirt of toothpaste works magic! Using your fingertips, simply rub the paste over the piece until you observe the patina lift off, then rinse very well and buff dry. The fiber detail can also be cleaned with a small brush and a drop of liquid soap.
~ Always put on your jewelry once your beauty ritual is completed.
~ Always remove your jewelry prior to showering or swimming.


Black, Burgandy, Coral, Grey, Navy, Sun flower, Turquoise

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